Blizzard Reveals New ‘Overwatch’ Hero

Rumors of a new hero being added to Overwatch have been circulating pretty much since the game launched in late May, with the speculation being that it would be some sort of support sniper with healing capabilities named Sombra. As it turns out, the Overwatch fan community was right on the money in everything but name, as Blizzard has officially announced that the first hero added post-launch will be Ana, who just so happens to be the mother of the rocket launcher-wielding Pharah.

Ana’s primary weapon is her Biotic Rifle, which fires long-range darts that restore allies’ health or deal ongoing damage to foes. Additionally, Ana also has a Sleep Dart to knock enemies unconscious. In close quarters, Ana can use her Biotic Grenade, which simultaneously heals teammates and damages enemies who happen to be standing in its small area of effect. Much like Lucio’s “Pump up the Volume” technique, the grenade will also increase the rate at which allies receive healing, but with the added bonus that enemies can’t receive healing while affected by the grenade.

Finally, Ana’s Ultimate ability will be Nana Boost, which turns her teammates into superpowered soldiers with increased damage, faster movement, and a higher resistance to damage for a short period of time.

You can watch a gameplay clip of Ana in action below, as well as an origins video. She’s available to try out in a Public Test Realm starting today.

(Source: Gamespot)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)