Batgirl DLC Delayed For PC Version of Batman: Arkham Knight

The troubled PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight has suffered yet another setback, as the upcoming Batgirl DLC has been delayed and will not be available today for season pass subscribers as originally planned (it will however still be out today on the PS4 and Xbox One for season pass holders and July 21st for everyone else).

According to a post by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on the game’s Steam page, the DLC is being delayed because the main game is still not fixed: “Our continued focus on getting the right PC fixes in place for the main game has had an impact on the development of all DLC content for the PC version of the game,” writes VP of Game Technology at WBIE, Gary Lake-Schaal. “This means that the Batman: Arkham KnightBatgirl: A Matter of Family DLC will not be available on July 14 for those who are currently playing the PC version of the game. We apologize for the delay and only want to make sure that any content that we offer is up to the standards that PC players expect.”

While early reviews seem to indicate that PC players aren’t missing out on very much, this news is yet another blow to players who have had to suffer through weeks of ongoing issues with the PC port, which prompted WB to pull the game from sale on Steam. It’s still unclear when players can expect the game to be re-released for sale or when the Batgirl DLC will hit.

(via: IGN)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)