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6 Predictions For The Final Episode Of Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Source:

It might not seem like that long ago, but the very first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones was released around eight months ago. What has transpired since has been a memorable and dramatic journey with the Forresters (albeit with a few plot holes) as they seek to live on as a house following the events of the Red Wedding. Now five episodes in, fans are awaiting the finale of what has been a jampacked first season of the game. And so, here are six predictions for the final episode, “Game of Thrones: The Ice Dragon.”

It should be obvious, but **SPOILERS** ahead if you haven’t played through all the episodes so far.

6. Finn Becomes a Walker

Finn somewhat anticlimactically died in the last episode just when we started to like him, which seems typical of Game of Thrones. We would have preferred  for Gared to choose between Finn and Cotter, as that would have felt more important and dramatic, like with Rodrik and Asher. But with Finn now dead deep in Wildling (or even White Walker) territory, it makes sense for him to come back from the dead and cross paths with Gared, Cotter and Sylvi, prompting a scene where we have to kill someone who was once our beloved brother of the Night’s Watch. Speaking of which, we also think Cotter might die—even you must have predicted that! Source:

5. Mira’s Tough Dilemmas

It seems like whatever Mira has done so far in King’s Landing will have no effect on the fate of the Forresters, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun playing as her character. We are in King’s Landing after all, and we’re playing the Game of Thrones with some very dangerous players like Cersei and Lord Andros. However, given the events that have taken place, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Cersei give Mira an option to stand on trial against Tyrion—who has helped Mira—probably with the consolation that she’ll help the Forresters.

Another interesting prediction, however, could see Mira having to choose between Sera and Tom, the coal boy. Pretty much her only real friends in the capital, this would give players a hard time choosing whom to save, as they have both been so helpful to Mira’s cause. Source:

4. Gwyn Plays a Role?

In case you don’t remember, Gwyn is the daughter of Ludd Whitehill, who warned Rodrik not to do anything drastic against her family, as well as warning him about the traitor in his small council. You might also have forgotten that she used to be in love (and might still be) with Asher when she was younger. Regardless of who the player chose to kill at the end of the last episode, Gwyn’s role in the game might be vital.

If she meets Asher, she might be willing to help him against her own family. If she meets Rodrik, who tells her that her brother’s men killed Asher, she might yet help the Forresters. It would certainly be great if she contributed to the demise of her dreaded family members with some intel. Source:

3. Sibling Choice

Given how long Ryon has virtually been a prisoner with the Whitehills, it makes sense that the player will feel obligated to save their little brother, who hasn’t been home for ages. But it would be so like Telltale if the player ended up being given a choice to either save Ryon or protect Talia. It’s a cruel decision and scenario, but it would definitely have an effect on the player no matter which sibling he chooses. Save your innocent baby brother or your kind baby sister, who has been by your side as Rodrik since he returned from the Red Wedding? As you might expect, we’d prefer if this prediction turned out to be wrong. Source:

2. Whitehill vs Forrester War Casualties

A war is definitely coming. All the events that have played out so far all point to a climactic battle between the Forresters and the Whitehills. Asher’s reinforcements strengthen the Forresters, and there might be a couple of Glenmore soldiers, but it still doesn’t seem enough to help against the Whitehills, who have the backing of the Boltons. No matter how the war plays out, we can definitely see casualties—the Sentinel, Ludd Whitehill, Asher or Rodrik (depending on who you saved), and maybe even more. Let’s just hope there is a conclusion to this story, though. Source:

1. Plenty of Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers are the Game of Thrones way, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the story have some unfinished business by the end of the episode. This could be a good thing, as it means we may get a second season of the game, but that would mean probably waiting another year or two for new material.

There could be cliffhangers right from the battle between the Whitehills and Forresters, events in King’s Landing, and maybe even in Essos. Speaking of which, surely the North Grove is something that will play a role in a potential second season? With Gared still not having found it, it makes sense for him to find it this episode, but how will that help the Forresters? Especially when he’s so far north beyond the Wall?

And what about the name of the episode, “The Ice Dragon?” Could there be some sort of a dragon in the North Grove? Or does it signify Malcolm teaming up with Dany to help Ironrath? Whatever happens, the finale of the game should be one to look forward to. Source: