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6 Awesome Looking Games Coming Out for the Oculus Rift

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Scheduled to be released in early 2016, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is looking like it might have the potential to forever change the way we play video games — and not just games that cater to a first-person perspective either. Earlier this year, at the E3 conference, Oculus revealed a few of the titles that are coming out for the Rift, and it looks like there’s going to be quite a lot of gameplay variety available for the system’s launch. But if you’re looking for the best of the best we’ve seen so far, you might want to give special consideration to these six upcoming games.

6. Lucky’s Tale

Playing Lucky’s Tale looks a lot like playing Super Mario 64. However, the Oculus Rift experience makes it so you feel as though you’re actually in the world running right alongside Mario — or, in this case, a cute little fox named Lucky. The game is designed so the player uses real depth perception to make the jumps from platform to platform throughout the levels. There are also some intuitive controls involved in throwing objects as you’re required to aim at targets simply by moving your head and focusing your gaze on the bullseye. Cartoon platformers usually provide a range of different gameplay experiences, so Lucky’s Tale is expected to be a game that really demonstrates what the Oculus Rift can do.

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5. Chronos

This action role-playing game has been described as a cross between Zelda and Dark Souls. In the beginning, you’re a young hero equipped with a sword and shield on a quest to free his homeland from the grips of a terrible dragon. But, according to the founder of Gunfire Games, your character gradually ages. As you progress, they become a tougher and more seasoned warrior, learning from their mistakes and developing new strategies from the things they learn exploration caverns, ruins and tombs. The atmosphere is very similar to Shadow of the Colossus with towering landscape features and huge labyrinths that create an incredibly immersive feeling despite it being a third-person game.

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4. AirMech VR

Yes, even strategy games have found a home on the Oculus Rift. But AirMech VR is slightly different than a lot of other strategy games because, instead of having full control over your entire army, you really only control a single unit — albeit that unit happens to be a sweet ass Robotech-style mech that can transform into jet and carry tanks into battle. At first look, the gameplay doesn’t seem like it’s something that would be geared towards the Oculus Rift, but the controls are designed so that you can see the entire map just by looking around and leaning forward to zoom in. This way there’s no need to ever scroll or pan around a camera.

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3. Damaged Core

Damaged Core is a first-person shooter with a twist. You play as some sort of rogue AI construct trying to liberate humanity from their robot oppressors and uncover the truth behind your own existence. Since you’re essentially software, you can hack into different systems and take control of stationary guns and other weapons to blast away robot enemies. This game looks absolutely beautiful, genuinely immersive, and tons of fun.

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2. Edge of Nowhere

Lara Croft and Nathan Drake better move over because there’s a new adventure hero headed to town. Edge of Nowhere is a third-person adventure game on an epic scale. Based on what’s been revealed so far players start the game in search of a lost arctic expedition, but things quickly get crazy as you find yourself running for life from grotesque spider-like monsters and dodging every conceivable hazard in your way. The chase sequences in this game are absolutely heart-pounding. As you’re running for your life you might look up and see a massive boulder about to fall on your head, or look down and see that the rickety wooden bridge you’re trying to cross is collapsing beneath your feet. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising to see this game get released with warning stickers discouraging people with heart conditions from playing.

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1. EVE Valkyrie

Also in development for Sony’s Morpheus virtual reality headset, EVE Valkyrie is a space dogfighting game set in the same futuristic world as EVE Online. This is really the game that could wind up being the killer app for the Oculus Rift, and it’s really not surprising when you think about how perfectly suited a VR headset is for a space flight simulator. It’s like you’re actually right there in the cockpit. When a enemy target flies across your line of sight, you’re no longer bound by a 2D field of vision that leaves you scrambling to find a little red dot on the radar so you know which direction to follow. All you have to do on the Oculus Rift is turn your head slightly to see which way the enemy fighter went, then react accordingly. And instead of the typical shield and hull meters you might see in other space flight sims, EVE Valkyrie looks like it has a very minimal HUD (heads up display) and instead has cracks form in the cockpit to let the player know their ship can’t take much more damage.

http://wccftech.com/eve-valkyrie-oculus-pc-exclusive/ Via wccftech.com
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