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In most video games, especially our childhood favorites, boss battles can make or break the playing experience. They can be the supreme pay-off of all those hours poured into getting through a tough section of a game, or they can be the ultimate closing to a brilliant story.

Whatever their role, boss battles are needed. However, just because they are needed does not always mean they make sense. This is very evident given that throughout the history of video games, we have been treated to some extremely bizarre, unexplainable and just plain weird boss battles. This list will look at 10 of the craziest.

10. Titanic Toddler in Zombies Ate My Neighbors

In a game titled Zombies Ate My Neighbors, you would expect to fight a wide variety of creepy ghouls and creatures. And for the most part you would be right, except for the extremely giant toddler in a diaper. That’s right, in this game one of the bosses that you must go up against is a giant (yet deceptively fast) toddler that tries to squash you or squirt you with water. The strange, yet catchy music and the child-like talking will put you in a trance and have you later questioning what the hell just happened. Source:

9. Monster Mega Smith in The Matrix: Path of Neo

The Matrix games and films started out fantastic, but as the sequels piled up the quality seemed to dip, and that also runs true for this game. It essentially mashed each plot together into one mega plot with a huge and unexpected twist at the final boss battle. After you defeat the regular Mr. Smith, you must face a brilliant foe in the form of a giant, robotic “Monster Mega Smith” that is composed of a bunch of Mr. Smith clones who all join together to create the beast. And in one of the cheesiest moments on this list, the giant then finds a conveniently placed pair of sunglasses just his size. Because, let’s be honest, a Smith without sunglasses just isn’t a Smith at all. Source:

8. Iustitia in Bayonetta

Bayonetta introduced a world full of weird and stylish aesthetics that was rarely seen by gamers before its release. As expected, the game is full of strange and bizarre bosses, but one stands out among the rest: Iustitia. Iustitia was a lock to appear on this list, simply for how the creature looks. In fact, the being is so strange that your eyes almost don’t know where to focus when you see it. It has three faces, bird-like wings as well as three serpent-like figures that sprout out from each of its faces. While the artistry and creativity of this boss is appreciated, there is no arguing that it is a bizarre sight to see. Source:

7. The Slot Machine in Star Fox

This is one battle that surely made almost every gamer who played it physically ill. The “Out of this Dimension” level begins with the player going through seemingly normal gameplay, and then the level turns to a nauseatingly distorted version of space in which you blast paper planes against a backdrop of smiling moons, which makes you feel completely inebriated. After you stumble your way through that, you are then greeted with a slot machine. The goal is to make it show three 7’s and if you manage to do that, then you are deemed successful. The level also has one of the most bizarre music choices in gaming as well. Source:

6. Joe Head Joe in Skullmonkeys

This game itself was bizarre as could be, and the boss battle against Joe Head Joe was no different. This boss has a skull for a head (which is fairly normal), but then his body is simply an image of a face belonging to Joe Sanabria, who was one of the designers of the game. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Sanabria, his career likely can’t get any better than being the torso of one of the most bizarre bosses in video game history. Source:

5. Bob the Killer Goldfish in Earthworm Jim

Bob the Killer Goldfish is the featured boss in all three Earthworm Jim console games. He is a boss of little actual action, as he typically gets his henchmen to do all of his work for him. But when you do get up close and personal with him, it is usually after conquering a tough level in the game. And while in most other video games you get the payoff from having a hard fought boss battle after defeating the level, that is simply not the case here. Once getting through the level there is no boss battle at all, as Earthworm Jim simply picks the goldfish out of the bowl and eats it. That’s it. There are few games with a boss battle as pointless and bizarre as this one. Source:

4. Mecha-Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D

This one is simply bizarre and a totally weird direction for a video game to go. While most games create their own bosses, Wolfenstein 3D decided to use one of the most horrible humans to ever walk the Earth, but they did add their own twist. They didn’t just have a normal looking Hitler walking around; they decided to outfit him in a big mechanical suit, armed with four chain guns. It is one of the most iconic and well-known bosses in video game history and no one could argue its strangeness. Source:

3. Prince Froggy in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

When it comes to Mario games, you normally know what you’re getting yourself into, but this game was a bit of a curve ball and broke the mold with one of the strangest boss battles in gaming history. In this battle, Yoshi and baby Mario are shrunken and Prince Froggy eats them. Yes, this fight takes place in Froggy’s intestinal tract. In this battle, you must fling eggs at Froggy’s uvula and make your exit from his body in the only way that food is processed through the body…. Bet you never expected this type of boss battle in a Mario game. Source: YouTube

2. Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid

This one is definitely bizarre, but is also one of the most creative and iconic boss battles in the history of video games, as Psycho Mantis seems to break the “fourth wall” and can actually reads Snake’s mind. Not only can Psycho Mantis make the controller vibrate out of nowhere, he pretends to turn the channel of the TV or make the screen go black. He can also read your memory card and talk to you about other Konami games that you have saved on your card. You actually have to switch controllers to succeed in this boss battle so that Mantis will stop reading Snake’s mind. This is a brilliant and innovative boss battle that no one expected. Source:

1. The Great Mighty Poo in Conker’s Bad Fur Day

There is no doubt that this boss battle had to come in at the number one spot. In Conker’s Bad Fur Day (a game that is already riddled with offensive and preteen humor), it is no surprise that one of the bosses you go up against is a giant pile of crap that sings opera. And the way you defeat him is even more bizarre, as you fling toilet paper in his mouth while he is re-tuning his brilliant singing voice. If you haven’t played this game and faced off against him, it is certainly an experience worth having, as he makes for one of the most bizarre boss battles of all time! Source:

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