Todd McFarlane Reveals The Secret Origin Of Venom’s Creation

Famed comic book artist Todd McFarlane, best known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man series and creating Spawn, took to Instagram on Sunday to share the origin story of one of Marvel’s greatest supervillains turned anti-heroes, Venom.

To fans of the comic books genre, McFarlane is a legend, having drawn some of the most iconic issues in history. By the early ’90s, he was one of the best in the game, but having worked for Marvel for years with little ownership of his creations, McFarlane decided to jumped ship, joining Image Comics and eventually creating Albert Francis Simmons a.k.a. Spawn.

In the video below, McFarlane details how his personal hatred of Spider-Man’s iconic black costume unexpectedly led to Venom’s creation.

“I came into the Spider-Man office after doing the Hulk and they wanted me to do Spider-Man. But he was in this black costume. I didn’t wanna draw this black costume. It meant nothing to me. I wanted to draw the red and blue… So, they said, ‘Todd, if you just come on at #298 we promise that maybe we can get rid of it.’ And I go, ‘Well let’s just get rid of it fast!”

Watch McFarlane’s 1-minute video below:

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Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)

Riley Jones (@moviemanjones)

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