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‘The Walking Dead’ Will Finally Provide Negan’s Backstory Via

Consider this the story of “When Negan Met Lucille.” A romantic comedy with lots of blood and swearing, if you will.

Negan’s introduction to the television world of The Walking Dead may have only just happened in the season six finale of the hit zombie show, but the character itself has actually existed for roughly four years. He made his comic book debut in issue No. 100, which was published back in the summer of 2012. When he arrived, he was already the leather jacket-wearing, F-bomb dropping, barbed wire bat wielding leader of the The Saviors that we know and love. We never really learn how he came to lead such a dangerous group of men, or anything else about him.

Series creator Robert Kirkman recently announced that is going to change. Negan will be getting own 48-page tale called Here’s Negan, published four pages at a time in Image+ — a monthly preview catalog of all the titles that Image Comics publishes.

As a teaser, Image released the first page of the Negan backstory and it’s a doozy, offering not much actual information but showing a pivotal moment in his life — the creation of Lucille.

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(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)