Issue No. 8 of ‘Zapha’ – “Legend of Zapha: Breath Of The Dork”

Are you a patient person?

Personally, I would say that I am – unless we’re talking about waiting in a line. I’m not a fan. I feel like I have an internal timer, and once that runs out (normally 15 minutes), I start to loose my &*%$. I get itchy and irritable, my palms begin to sweat, my feet begin to swell, and before I know it, I’m looking for anything or anyone to unload my anger on.

Damn. You know, now that I’m reading this back, I may have an anger problem. Well, you know what they say, ‘ Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.’ Or…maybe it was ‘Goosfraba’. Either way, that’s going to have to wait. All I can think about today is why I didn’t pre-order the Switch. I’m such a bonehead!

In this week’s installment of Zapha, Wade and Jordan are waiting in line for the release of the Nintendo Switch. Jordan appears to be perfectly happy waiting in peace, while Wade on the other hand, is not. So without further ado, here is Issue 8 – ‘Legend Of Zapha: Breath Of The Dork’

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Goliath Team

Goliath Team

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