Issue No. 7 of ‘Zapha’ – “That Guy”

Nowadays, when we want to watch a new movie, we don’t go to the theatre. We scour the Internet like a crazed ex, hopelessly jumping from site to site, trying to find the perfect feed. In that moment, viruses and penalties don’t matter, the only thing that does, is finding a stream without subtitles.

This week, we catch up with our super nerdy friend, Wade Zapha, at the theatre of all places. He’s gone to watch ‘The Great Wall’, starring Matt Damon. I know you’re asking yourself, how much trouble can he get himself into at the movies? Well, you’d be surprised. So without further ado, here is Issue 7 – ‘That Guy’.

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Goliath Team

Goliath Team

Jack Sackman has been writing about movies and TV for Goliath since 2013.