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Here’s The Story Behind Lucille, Negan’s Iconic Weapon of Choice

It was previously reported that the biggest bad guy in the The Walking Dead universe was getting his own back story. So far only 16 pages out of the promised 48 have been revealed, but the 16th page gave us a big, juicy piece of information about the man known as Negan.

Warning: Many Spoilers Follow. Show/Comics/Everything.

In a series called “Here’s Negan,” Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is telling the story four pages at a time. So far, we’ve learned that Negan was a high school gym teacher who was a bit rough around the edges. His trademark foul language often got him in hot water with school officials when other parents complained about the way he talked to their children.

All of that ceases to matter, though, when Negan’s wife is diagnosed with cancer. As he spends time with her in the hospital, the zombie apocalypse breaks out. He barricades the door shut (hmmm….oddly similar to Rick Grimes’ hospital origin story), and waits for the authorities to get a handle on everything — something we know never happens.

As he looks out the hospital window at the carnage unfolding below, he hears his wife make a weird sound. The cancer has killed her and she has been reanimated as a walker. The comic ends with Negan saying, “Lucille?”


That explains why he is so attached to his barbed-wire baseball bat, which he affectionately has named Lucille. In the original Walking Dead comics, he once explained that he has an almost sexual attachment to his preferred instrument of violence, and perhaps this explains why.

“Here’s Negan” still has 32 pages to go, and since we only get four per month, it’s going to be a while before we find out exactly Negan goes from grief stricken husband to badass leader of The Saviors.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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