DC Has Finally Revealed Who’s Faster – Superman Or The Flash

DC Comics

In comic book fandom, the debate over whether Superman or The Flash is the fastest hero in the DC universe has been going on for decades. Although various comics have pitted the two speedsters against each other in the past, no definitive answer has ever emerged. Well, DC Comics has finally settled the question once and for all, and the answer can be found in the pages of The Flash #49.

The issue, which features the penultimate chapter of the “Flash War” storyline, sees former allies Barry Allen and Wally West coming to blows. At one point, the two Flashes race across the globe, causing numerous natural disasters in the process. The Justice League are forced to intervene, with Superman attempting to use his own super speed to catch up to the pair. However, he’s unable to do and is forced to admit that he’s just not fast enough to catch a Flash.

DC Comics

On the bright side, at least Superman doesn’t fail as badly as Green Lantern in his attempt to catch the two speedsters.

DC Comics

Well, there you have it: both Barry Allen and Wally West are faster than Superman, though I don’t think this should really surprise anyone considering both characters are fast enough to travel back in time. What chance did Supes ever have here?