Batman: Mark Hamill And Kevin Conroy Tease 2 Future Animated Adaptations

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are widely considered the definitive voices of Batman and the Joker, respectively. The pair most recently reprised their iconic roles in the lackluster adaptation of The Killing Joke, but an exchange the two shared over the weekend during a panel at Fan Expo in Toronto suggests that there could be bigger and better things in store for Batman fans clamoring for new animated adaptations featuring the pair.

During their Q&A panel, the two actors were asked by a fan in the audience what projects they would be interested in doing next together. In response, Conroy and Hamill teased two classic Batman stories that have yet to be adapted into animated films: Hush and A Death in the Family.

According to reports from the event, “both exchanged something of a sly response to each other, with Conroy turning to Hamill and saying, ‘What do you think about doing Hush?’ After a huge cheer from the crowd, Hamill one-upped him on the question saying, “What do you think about doing A Death in the Family?”

Batman: A Death in the Family

While Conroy and Hamill’s comments are in no way confirmation that they are involved in these adaptations or that they are even happening at all, both stories would likely be at the top of DC’s list for comics to adapt. Both Hush and A Death in the Family are among Batman’s most popular stories, particularly the latter, which is the comic arc that saw the Joker kill Jason Todd, the second Robin. However, as Nerdist points out, if these adaptations are happening, they’re still a few years away, as DC currently has Justice League Dark, Batman and Harley Quinn, and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract in the pipeline.

Batman: Hush (Credit: DC Comics)

While it will likely be a few years before we get to hear Conroy and Hamill’s voices in another DC animated movie, the pair are set to reprise their roles in the upcoming Cartoon Network series Justice League Action, so impatient fans will at least have a steady stream of new content featuring the veteran voice actors to consume while they wait.

(Source: Nerdist)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)