Alan Moore Announces Retirement From Writing Comic Books

Alan Moore, the legendary writer behind such critically-acclaimed comics as Watchmen and Batman: The Killing Joke, is known for changing the comic book landscape as a whole … and for being a bit of a prickly recluse who’s really into the occult. In his decades-long career, Moore has gotten just as much attention for his writing as he has for his outspoken frustration at the way they have been adapted into movies (he really, really hates comic book movies) and now it seems that he’s ready to call it quits as a comic book writer.

However, it’s not because he’d fed up with the industry, but rather because he feels like he’s reached a point in his career where he’s done all he can with the medium.

The Guardian [vis] is reporting that Moore plans to retire from comic book writing soon (he says he has “about 250 pages of comics left in me”), with the writer issuing the following statement:

“I think I have done enough for comics. I’ve done all that I can. I think if I were to continue to work in comics, inevitably the ideas would suffer, inevitably you’d start to see me retread old ground and I think both you and I probably deserve something better than that… I know I am able to do anything anyone is capable of doing in the comic book medium. I don’t need to prove anything to myself or anyone else… I will always revere comics as a medium. It is a wonderful medium.” –Alan Moore

Although he may be capping off his comic book career, Moore isn’t finished with writing professionally, as he plans to to work in film and “giant” literary novels. Considering he’s widely associated with helping make comic books a respectable literary art form, we’re sure he’ll do just fine in other mediums and can’t wait to see what he produces next.

(Source: The Guardian)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)