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There’s few things people enjoy more than watching their favorite heroes and villains duke it out, usually with the universe (or perhaps just a dimension or two) at stake. Whether it’s the epic Hulkbuster vs. Hulk fight scene from last year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron or the gritty, ultra-violent showdown between Daredevil and the Kingpin in Netflix’s Daredevil, the facts are in; people want to see super powered folks throwing down the gauntlet and having a run at each other, which is why we here at Goliath have sat down and hashed out 10 great superhero showdowns that we’d love to see (or see again, in some cases). While you might’ve seen some of these already, either in the comics or in their television and film adaptations, we felt like these 10 fights would bring out the inner nerd in all our readers and give you something to argue about at the water cooler next time you’re chatting with your coworkers.

10. Wolverine vs. Sabretooth

Wolverine and Sabretooth go way back; the two have been rivals in Marvel lore for quite some time, dating back to their time in the Weapon X (now referred to as Weapon Plus) program. Sabretooth has often acted as a literary foil for Wolverine, embracing the savage nature of his mutation while Wolverine tries actively to suppress his. While both mutants share an accelerated healing power and heightened senses, Sabretooth has never been given the adamantium skeleton bestowed upon Wolverine, a fact which has long led the former to resent that latter (among other reasons). While we’ve seen Sabretooth and Wolverine face off innumerable times in the comics and several times in the Fox film series, we’ve placed it at number 10 on this list because we don’t think we’ll ever get tired of seeing these two feral superheroes engage in a fight to the death (a difficult thing to do, given that they both heal extraordinarily quickly from most any injury). Source:

9. Batman vs. Moon Knight

This is a fight we’d love to see, if only to satisfy our inner desire to watch two caped, gadget-ridden tough guys brawling across the rooftops of Gotham (or some other fictional city with rooftops…we’re not picky). In all honesty, Batman and Moon Knight share alot in common; despite what’s already been listed, they are both wealthy civilians who fight crime, they share an extremely similar visual aesthetic and fighting style, and some have gone so far as to call Moon Knight Marvel’s “answer” to the Caped Crusader (like there’s ever truly been an answer to Batman, jokes). While we’re pretty sure most fans would bet on Batman, we wouldn’t so quick to count Moon Knight out; the Marvel hero gains superpowers as the moon cycle progresses, and fighting him on a full moon would be unwise. Of course, that’s exactly the type of strategic analysis the Dark Knight is known for, further cementing in our minds how supremely awesome this throw down would be.,manual Source:

8. Doomsday vs. Dr. Doom

We here at Goliath are big fans of wordplay, and when the opportunity arose for a “Doom vs. Doom” death match, we couldn’t help ourselves when it came to exploring that idea. Great villains in their own right, these two very different characters come from different comic universes, but we’re willing to bet a fight between the two would be more than enough to change the dynamic of both those universes forever (DC vs. Marvel 2.0, anyone?). Doomsday, who carries the distinction of being the only villain to literally beat Superman to death (wrap your mind around that one, readers), would be a formidable opponent for Dr. Doom, the greatest villain in the Marvel universe whose powers have changed so frequently we’re not quite sure what he’d bring to the fight, but rest assured it would include his trademark energy manipulation, his renowned high-tech armor and weaponry, scientific genius and a good dose of maniacal terror. A throw down of these proportions is enough to have any comic book geek salivating with the possibilities.

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7. Ms. Marvel vs. Scarlet Witch

No superhero(ine) showdown list would be complete without some strong, powerful female characters present; we’ve chosen two of the baddest in Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff), and pondered what might happen if things ever came to blows between these ultra-talented ladies. We saw the powers of Scarlet Witch in this year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, where she was portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen; she has the ability manipulate the physical world via her “chaos magic,” while Ms. Marvel’s abilities manifest in a more…punchy…manner. Ms. Marvel, who is set to receive her own Marvel studios film within the next few years, is gifted with super strength, flight and the ability to fire off energy blasts of her own; we’re thinking she could be a very interesting foil to Wanda Maximoff, especially in a “cage match” type of setting. While these two women usually find themselves on the same side of a fight, we’d love to see how an explosive showdown between two of Marvel’s most impressive super heroines might turn out. Source:

6. Venom vs. The Thing

We’re getting into the heavy hitters now, and there are very few hitters heavier than Marvel’s Venom and The Thing. We thought this would make for an interesting matchup given the heavyweight classification you could apply to each of these characters; The Thing is nigh indestructible, what with his rock-like skin and gobs of super strength, while Venom is best known for eating those individuals who interfere with his quest to destroy Spider-Man. Well, we’d love to see the big, black symbiote try and munch on The Thing; we’re willing to bet it’d end in clobbering time for both parties. Venom, whose superpowers also include super strength and the ability to mimic the powers of previous hosts (such as Spider-Man), would be a formidable foe for Ben Grimm and his hefty, stone punches. What about it, readers? Who do you think might win? Sound off in the comments! Source:

5. Daredevil vs. The Punisher

This showdown carries in it a special significance; with any luck, we’ll get to see this one play out on Netflix’s Daredevil next season, as Jon Bernthal (of Walking Dead fame) has been cast as Frank Castle A.K.A. The Punisher for season 2 of Marvel’s acclaimed television series. That said, it won’t be the first time we’ve seen those two street-level heroes come in conflict; the two share a storied history in the comic book medium, acting as both allies and enemies on numerous occasions. While it’d be tough to guess who is going to come out on top, it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out in the context of Marvel’s newest foray into serialized television. We do know that when these two heroes go toe to toe, it’s often Frank Castle’s viciousness and desire for revenge that juxtapose harshly with Matt Murdock’s intense Catholicism and desire to repent for what he’s done, making this fight as intellectually engaging as it is physically impressive. Source:

4. Black Widow vs. Mystique

If James Bond and Jason Bourne have taught us anything, it’s that no genre lends itself to hand-to-hand combat quite like the spy genre. That’s why the thought of two of Marvel’s most effective espionage agents, Black Widow and the mutant Mystique, engaged in some fisticuffs is so supremely awesome. We’ve seen Scarlett Johansson bring Natasha Romanoff to life in a few different Marvel films, and we’ve seen Mystique portrayed by both Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence in Fox’s X-Men series; what we haven’t seen is a tussle between these two beautiful and deadly characters, one we imagine would include a hefty dose of high kicks, acrobatic assaults and maybe even a dirty shot or two (anything to win, right ladies?).

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3. Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

If we’re being honest, we’d watch Deadpool fight just about anyone. The Merc with the mouth is one of the most supremely entertaining characters in the comic book canon, and the fact that he’s as deadly as he is ridiculous makes him even more engaging as a character. That said, watching him go to battle with Deathstroke, who was the original inspiration for the character of Wade Wilson (Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson, which should give you an idea of just how closely intertwined these characters are), would be a joy we can’t rightly communicate without a direct brain to brain interface. Both characters are excellent combatants trained to expert levels with most every type of weapon, and both have been made better by various serums and treatments to amplify their abilities to superhuman levels. And hey, they both wear red and black suits! At least it’d be easy to remember who we were cheering for, right? Source: YouTube

2. Thor vs. Hulk

Make no mistake about it; the Thor vs. Hulk fight may not have taken the number one spot on our list, but that’s only because we’ve already seen them duke it out in The Avengers. While that battle gave us a taste of what a Thor vs. Hulk fight would look like, we’re ready for the main event. The heaviest of heavyweights, both Thor and the Hulk measure up as gods (even against most of the other superheroes mentioned in this article) and a battle between the two could ultimately demolish the Earth rather than save it. While it’s tough to imagine either of these super strong, super fast and super durable heroes ever submitting to the other, we’d have to put our money on the Hulk if given the opportunity; and really, is there anyone out there whose going to bet against the big green guy? We’d seriously doubt it. Source:

1. Captain America vs. Iron Man

We’ve got to admit it, folks; we put this one at the top solely because we’re incredibly excited to see the iconic battle between these two former allies and founding members of The Avengers realized in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, the long-awaited adaptation of the now-famous comic book story arc that resulted in the [SPOILERS] alleged death of Steve Rogers, A.K.A. Captain America. The throw down, which stems from a disagreement over the depth of government involvement in identifying and governing superheroes (which Iron Man is for and Captain America is staunchly against, because you know…freedom), is one of the most spoken of in the history of comic books, and we’re giddy thinking of the film potential evident in this iconic fight between two of comic’s most ideologically firm individuals. Source:
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