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There seems to be no end to the creativity of car owners when it comes to modifications for their beloved vehicles. While many people add modifications such as rims, spoilers and sun roofs to their cars, some die hard car lovers take modifications, or “mods” for short, to the extreme. And this has produced some truly spectacular and outrageous vehicles over the years. Some of the more extreme car mods have to literally be seen to be believed. Here are 11 of the most outrageous car modifications that will blow your socks off.

11. Smart Car Turned Tank

Who says that smart cars are wimpy? Certainly not the owner of this Smart Car who had the vehicle turned into a functional tank complete with full tank track and treads, as well as camouflage paint job and an interior that posts military grade radar and communications equipment. Perfect for a night out on the town or storming across farmers’ fields should a war break out while you’re out to dinner with your significant other. Source:

10. Alien Chrysler

Alien is one of the best science fiction films of all time, as is its James Cameron-directed sequel Aliens. And we know that there are a lot of die hard fans of this film franchise out there who are not shy about expressing their devotion to the films. Yet this modified Chrysler takes fan worship to a whole new level. Creative, nicely rendered and impressive, this ode to Alien is a definite head turner and one that shows how far fandom can go when it comes to artistic design. But would it scare the kids? Source:

9. Snake Bus

If getting the attention of pedestrians and passersby is the goal, then this snake bus wins—hands down. An advertisement for the snake exhibit at a local zoo, this bus gets points for execution and style. A Boa Constrictor crushing a bus. How cool is that? And who could pass this bus without taking a second look? Not many people who have their sight intact, we would venture to guess. We would love to know how long this mod took and who the artist is that is responsible for it. Whatever the zoo in question paid for this bit of advertising ingenuity, it was certainly worth it. Source:

8. Gold Camaro

For a lot of mod enthusiasts, bigger is truly better. And here is the perfect example. Check out this gold-colored Camaro that has enormous wheels complete with gold-colored rims. This type of modification is known to produce a “donk car,” which is the term for cramming the biggest possible wheels into the wheel wells of a car. In the case of this Camaro, you’re looking at 30-inch forged wheels. The gold coloring sets the whole thing off and makes the car truly stand out and “pop.” Donk car lovers everywhere should be proud of this creation. Source:

7. Wood Wheels

We know what you’re thinking. Are those real wooden wheels on that vehicle? Yes sir, that is actual lumber underneath that Skoda Capri 205. Why? Who knows. We guess buying and replacing real rubber tires was just too expensive and a hassle. So why not cut out the need for tires and replacements, and trick out this car with solid wood wheels. Hey, if rock wheels worked for Fred Flintstone, then why not actual wooden wheels on a Skoda? The only question is, how are these wheels on gas mileage? Source:

6. Hummer Tank

You have already seen the Smart Car turned tank, but check out this Hummer turned tank thanks to four carefully placed tiny tank tracks. The truth is that if any vehicle should be turned into a tank, it is a Hummer. The vehicle is practically a suburban tank for domestic use, right? And the interesting thing about this mod is that it kind of looks like it fits. Look closely, and it almost seems like these tank tracks were designed and made specifically for this Hummer. Perfect for the ultimate off-road adventure or for intimidating people in the parking lot of the local Costco. Source:

5. Super Speakers

We would hazard a guess that the first car mods started with teenagers trying to amplify the sound system in their car. And who among us did not know a kid in high school who tricked out the stereo in his car with additional speakers, subwoofers and electronic equalizers? However, this mod takes the amped up car stereo to a whole new frightening level. Those speakers look like something out of the latest Mad Max movie. And, interestingly, the speakers are all pointing outwards as if they are going to be used to literally blast other motorists off the road. We wonder what the bass in that car sounds like and if the owner of that car is legally deaf? Source:

4. Volkswagen Beetle Turned Mutant Turtle

Whoever made this mod clearly has an infatuation with turtles. And while the Volkswagen Beetle has never been known for being one of the fastest cars on the road, we would hardly classify it as a turtle. Nevertheless, the owner of this VW Bug went to great lengths to transform it into a larger than life turtle. Asking why is practically pointless. Better to just stand back and admire the painstaking time and art work that went into this outrageous mod. Just try and imagine this turtle passing you on a freeway. Bizarre! Source:

3. Giant Muffler

Taking things to a whole new level, this bad boy appears to be an advertisement for the car repair chain Meineke. Yet it is still an outrageous mod that deserves attention. After all, this car has literally been turned into a giant muffler. And while it does indeed look like a huge muffler, we cannot help but ask why on this one? Yes, we know it is trying to get business for Meineke. But the muffler is so big we feel that it obscures the Meineke logo. Would it not have been better to make the Meineke stickers or banner larger? Most motorists who see this will just think the owner is a weirdo, no? Unless, of course, you have a thing for massive mufflers. Source:

2. Upside Down Car

For sheer outrageousness, this car takes the cake. Modified to literally operate upside down, this car will not only turn heads on the road but could induce a few heart attacks as well. What is particularly fascinating about this mod is that the car appears to be used for racing around a track—and winning! Craziness. At this point we have stopped asking why, but it is fun to contemplate how this mod was pulled off. Not just the hours of work that would have gone into it, but the fact that the car likely had to be suspended upside down while the mod was undertaken. Unsettling to think about, for sure. Source:

1. High Heel Shoe Motorcycle

At some point, we assume this was a motorcycle. How and why it was modified into a red high heel shoe baffles the mind. That it still functions as a vehicle of any kind is a minor miracle. Still, it is pretty stylish and proportionate – making it an interesting if totally outrageous modification. Definitely an eye catcher and definitely worth a second look. The hours of work that must have gone into this mod can only be guessed at. We just hope that somewhere there is a lucky lady who can appreciate that type of attention to detail in a shoe this size. Source:
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