Kia To Launch First Sports Sedan Next Year

In an effort to develop a younger, edgier image for the brand, Kia plans to launch its first ever sports sedan as early as next year.

The four-door vehicle, codenamed CK, is said to begin production in May of 2017 and will take on competitors such as the BMW 4 series and Audi A5. The model will be the second rear-wheel drive car in Kia’s lineup and come available in three engine options: 2.0-litre, 2.2-litre and 3.0-litre. It is likely that the vehicle’s design elements will be drawn from recent concepts such as the Novo (pictured above) and the GT.

With the launch of the CK, Kia is hoping that they can capitalize on the success they achieved with their popular CUV model, the Soul. But replicating that home run won’t be without its challenges, as several other economy car brands, including Hyundai (which owns 34 percent of Kia), are working on their own models for this vehicle segment.

(Source: Reuters)

Rachel Despres

Rachel Despres