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It’s no secret that cars are expensive to own and operate. And while most people pay a lot of attention to the purchase price of the car they buy, few of us give consideration to the costs we’ll incur down the road as the vehicle ages. Repair costs can be significant and often leave car owners drained financially. It can also be extremely frustrating and disheartening for people to sink money into an aging car that is becoming more unreliable and clunky with each passing mile. The good news is that some cars are less prone to breakdowns and costly repairs than others. A Toyota, for example, is statistically less likely to cost a lot of money in repairs than a Volkswagen. Here are the 12 cars reported to have the cheapest repair costs.

12. Lexus ES 350

The Lexus brand is not just known for luxury. The vehicles made by Lexus are also extremely high quality and dependable. The ES 350, in particular, is known for aging well and having comparatively few repair costs over the years that it is driven. Although take note that the Lexus ES 350 has been known to have problems with its ignition coil, which can cost as much as $350 to replace, as well as its oil control valve ($600 to fix) and its oxygen sensor (nearly $300 to replace). However, these problems are relatively small in the grand scheme of things and make the Lexus ES 350 one of the best luxury cars for value on the market today. Source:

11. Hyundai Sonata

Like other Asian automakers such as Toyota and Honda, the manufacturer Hyundai has earned a reputation for building cars that last. And, unlike its rival Asian car makers, Hyundai has never been the subject of a massive recall. The cars made by Hyundai perform well and stay on the road for many years. Case in point is the reliable Hyundai Sonata. This car gives its owner few problems. Notable repairs that may be needed over time include replacing the evaporative emissions canister (cost: $416) and replacing the manifold absolute pressure sensor (about $150). But these are the only significant problems reported with this particular car. It is otherwise a very tough and durable car that is inexpensive to own and operate. Source:

10. Toyota Corolla

Known as the “everyman car,” the Toyota Corolla is a popular choice for North American drivers due to its relatively affordable price and dependability. It is also a decent size and has ample room for a mid-sized car. This car regularly appears on lists of the best cars to own and has won numerous awards for its functionality and affordability. Take note though that there can be problems with the neutral safety switch that is responsible for disabling the starter operation when the car’s transmission is not in park (cost: $372), and the oxygen sensor sometimes needs to be replaced at a cost of around $300. However, while some Toyota models have been the subject of vehicle recalls in recent years, the Toyota Corolla has weathered the storm and remains one of the automaker’s signature brands. Source:

9. Toyota Yaris

Another Toyota to make the list is the compact Yaris, a great starter car or vehicle for commuting to and from work. The tiny but peppy Yaris gives its owners few troubles and most of these cars are on the road for five plus years with little or no maintenance requirements. There can be a few little issues with the engine from time to time and the fuel cap has been known to come loose or break on occasion. But overall, the Toyota Yaris costs its owners less than $250 a year in maintenance, which is a low sum compared to many cars on the roads today. Toyota continues to make some of the sturdiest cars anywhere in the world. Source:

8. Chevrolet Malibu

The first North American car to make the list is the Chevrolet Malibu. Most U.S. automakers have made dramatic improvements to their line of cars in recent years—none more than Chevrolet. From the 1970s through to the 1990s, a Chevy was known for being a junky car and money pit for the people who owned them. However, Chevrolet has made great strides in recent years to improve the quality of the cars it makes, as well as their appearance and price point. Today, people can rest easy driving a Chevy Malibu knowing that the car will get them where they are going without costing them a fortune in mechanic fees. The fuel pressure regulator and air flow sensor are the most common issues with the Chevrolet Malibu, which, combined, will cost people around $800 to replace over the life of the car. Source:

7. Honda Accord

Another popular and top selling car in North America, the Honda Accord makes this list for being one of the best made and rugged vehicles out there. Low repair costs have helped propel the Honda Accord into the hearts of American and Canadian drivers, who have made this model a top seller in North America for more than 25 years. The main problems experienced with this car include having to replace seat belt buckles as the miles add up and replacing spark plugs in the engine (a relatively common issue for most cars). New seat belt buckles can cost $150 each to replace, while spark plug repairs typically run around $250. Honda Accords also retain their value well over time and have among the highest resale value of cars sold anywhere in the world. All and all, a pretty good investment. Source:

6. Chevrolet Impala

A second Chevy to make the grade is the Impala, which has been distinguished for costing its owners less than $200 a year in maintenance costs. Like the Chevy Malibu listed earlier, the Impala has made great strides in recent years in terms of quality and reliability. This model is now one of the most affordable to own and drive over the long term. Some of the more common issues experienced with this particular car include troubles with the accelerator pedal ($200 to repair) and the throttle body assembly (about $400 to repair). However, these issues tend to crop up much later in the car’s life and are not problems people typically experience in the first five years of driving the Impala. Source:

5. Ford Taurus

People who want to “buy American” should consider purchasing a Ford Taurus. The Ford Motor Company has led the way in terms of reinventing the American car. The company has not only greatly improved the quality of its fleet of vehicles, but it has been responsible for many innovations such as rear view cameras and opening trunks using a person’s foot. Many of these innovations can be found in the Ford Taurus, which is also fun to drive and has fantastic fuel economy. The Ford Taurus is also great for families and, thanks to quality craftsmanship, can stay on the road for many years with very few problems that need fixing. With the exception of some issues with electrical wiring, the Ford Taurus is distinguished for costing its owners less than $150 a year in repair bills. Not too shabby. Source:

4. Honda Pilot

People who are in the market for a rock solid sport utility vehicle should take a look at the Honda Pilot, which is known for being one of the most reliable SUVs out there today. Like the Accord mentioned earlier on this list, the Pilot is one of Honda’s top rated and bestselling vehicles. And it is one of the most rugged and durable SUVs, capable of handling off-road conditions and difficult terrain. Some issues drivers have experienced with the Honda Pilot include the need to reprogram the powertrain control module (usually costs less than $100), and cleaning out the exhaust system, which can get dirty and clogged over time (cost of about $230). These are pretty minor issues when one considers the durability and versatility of the Honda Pilot, which performs well on city streets and dirt roads. Source:

3. Subaru Forrester

Another extremely reliable SUV is the Subaru Forrester, which can cost its owners less than $100 a year in trips to a garage. Subaru continues to be a top automotive brand and one that is known for quality manufacturing that saves people big bucks over the life of a vehicle. Many Forrester’s have been on the road for more than 10 years. Not surprising that they are one of the most popular vehicles to be resold in North America and great for people who own cabins and cottages in remote or rural locations. A few repairs that may be needed on this model of vehicle include replacing the evaporative emissions canister and vent control valve, as well as replacing the fuel pressure sensor. Combined these typically cost less than $600. Source:

2. Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outlook, a popular sport utility vehicle/station wagon hybrid, is also distinguished for its reliability and for not costing its owners a lot of money in repairs. Although this vehicle has been subjected to faulty wiring that needs repair, this issue usually costs less than $100 to repair. Other than that, the most common problem found on the Subaru Outback is a tire pressure sensor that occasionally needs to be reset at an average repair cost of just over $100. This is impressive considering that people are supposed to be able to take the Subaru Outlook off-road and drive it in extreme, even mountainous, conditions. Another solid offering from Subaru. Source:

1. Dodge Challenger

The Dodge brand has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when a Dodge was synonymous with the image of the junky American car. In fact, the Dodge Challenger is rated as the most reliable car on the road, and noted for having very low maintenance costs—less than $100 a year by many measures. The most common items to break on this vehicle model are the fuel cap ($15 to replace), the engine coolant temperature sensor ($100 for a new one), and the exhaust pipe ($100 typically to repair). The Dodge Challenger also looks great, and is a popular muscle car known for its suspension, torque and powerful engine. It is affordable to drive based on its reliability and quality manufacturing. Source:
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