10 Futuristic Motorcycle Concepts We Would Love To Drive Via

If you thought that ultra cool, futuristic motorcycles were only to be found in movies such as Tron: Legacy and Mad Max: Fury Road, you’re wrong. There are many awesome futuristic motorcycle concepts available today – many of them developed by leading automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Jaguar and even Dodge. And whether these are just cool prototypes or practical machines that will soon be seen on city streets, many of these futuristic concepts are truly mind blowing. Whether you appreciate the design elements or the powerful engines, it is hard not to love these 10 futuristic motorcycle concepts:

10. Honda CB750

The concept for the Honda CB750 was unveiled in 2015 and it immediately turned heads in the automotive world. While this futuristic looking motorcycle might appear a little too bulky for some people, it is a pretty cool design that looks very far out. In practical terms, the motorbike is made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium, giving the CB750’s frame enough strength to carry heavier riders. The motorcycle is powered by a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine and features onboard computers that are controlled by an LED touch screen. We’re not sure how safe it would be to operate a touch screen on a motorcycle with one hand and try to drive with the other, but whatever. This motorcycle by Honda rocks! And, it has built-in radar technology that will slow the bike down automatically if it detects an oncoming collision… a feature that is already available in cars and that engineers have been wanting to add to motorcycles for years. Via

9. Indian Motorcycle Speed Racer

Check out this bad boy courtesy of the radical designers at motorcycle manufacturer Indian. For many people, the Indian Motorcycle Company already makes the coolest bikes in the world. But their concept for a futuristic motorcycle is pretty amazing too. Concept designer Dan Bailey claims that he used the venerable Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle as inspiration for this design. He also says that he had the movies Alien and Aliens in mind when he developed this motorbike. How cool is that? Alas, this motorcycle is a concept only. Indian has not put it into production or even developed a prototype for the vehicle. Still, it is great just to know that this motorcycle concept is out there. Who knows, in the future somebody might put it into production and we can all die happy. Via

8. Ferrari V4

What’s wicked about this motorcycle is that it looks like a Ferrari. One glance at the V4 concept and you say to yourself, “Hey! That looks like a Ferrari.” And that was exactly the point of this bike. The designers at Ferrari say they set out to make a motorcycle to match their most famous cars. Industrial designer Amir Glinik took the sexy curves and sleek lines that make Ferrari one of the hottest car brands on the planet and put them into a motorcycle. The V4 design incorporates the very best style elements of both vintage and modern Ferrari cars and rolls them into the ultimate Ferrari motorcycle. The bike is also the same shade of red as the very best Ferrari products. Bonus: The Ferrari V4 motorcycle concept features hand controls adapted from a F-16 fighter jet and buttons based on Formula 1 race cars. Sign us up! Via

7. Dodge Tomahawk

Granted, the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle is a bit unconventional. It does look a little like you’d be straddling a furnace. However, the Tomahawk is still a pretty cool, futuristic concept. Based on a Viper V-10 motorbike, the Tomahawk features a beefy 500 horsepower engine and technically has four wheels – though they are basically merged into two wheels. For pure speed and power, it is hard to equal this concept. The sheer power of this beast is like the reason why Dodge never put this motorcycle into mass production. Still, several prototypes were produced and fairly well-received by automotive critics. More than one critic described this bike as a “rocket between your legs.” It`s not too late, Dodge. Via

6. Jaguar M-Cycle

This motorcycle concept is both strange and pretty awesome at the same time. Jaguar gets points for designing a motorbike that literally looks like, well, a Jaguar. The M-Cycle takes the Jaguar concept to new heights. People who purchased this bike would literally be straddling a Jaguar. Apparently the designer of this motorcycle drew inspiration from the Jaguar car manufacturer logo that is affixed on top of the company’s car. We think it’s fair to say that designer really, really loved the Jaguar logo. Not surprising, this concept has remained on paper only, other than a prototype. It may have something to do with the fact the motorcycle measures eight feet in length and features ebony lacquered fiberglass over stainless steel. A little tricky to mass produce this one. Via

5. Scarab Motorcycle

We’re not sure what the designers were thinking with the Scarab Motorcycle concept. But in terms of being futuristic, this motorcycle looks to take the cake. It alternately looks like a cross between a fast three wheeler and a futuristic wheelchair. The dual concepts make for a very interesting look and feel. Designed for use in urban settings, the Scarab Motorcycle is actually designed to adapt to sit completely upright while parked so it takes up as little space as possible in a crowded city parking lot. In fact, three Scarab motorcycles could fit in a standard sized car parking space. Designer David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves won awards for this design concept and says he envisions the Scarab to be used as a rental vehicle as a convenient and eco-friendly transpiration solution in big, sprawling cities. Cue the flying cars. Via

4. BMW’s Halbo Future Duo-Wheel Bike

This concept from Germany’s BMW not only looks super futuristic, but prototypes of the motorcycle were actually developed. People who are looking for an incredibly small and fast motorcycle need look no further than this design. Designer Pierre Yohanes developed the Halbo for eco-minded consumers who want something compact that is electric powered. The front wheel is stationary and the back tail turns to direct the machine. Critics have referred the concept to like riding a motorboat engine. Others have called this design a super scooter. Either way, this is a nifty futuristic take on motorcycles that is also practical and useful in an urban environment. Keep in mind that BMW started out designing and building motorcycles. The company actually made motorcycles before they made cars. Via

3. Yamaha Tesseract Four Wheeler

A lot of futuristic motorcycles involve four wheels instead of two. And no company has gotten the four wheeler concept better than Yamaha with its Tesseract design. Even the name sounds like something from the future. At first glance, this bike may look like something from the next Transformers movie, but it’s actually meant to be taken seriously as a real and possible machine. According to engineers at Yamaha, this concept is the same width as its two-wheeled counterpart and would be powered by a V-Twin engine and an electric motor. Like many of the bikes on this list, the Tesseract has been designed with environmental considerations in mind. How powerful the vehicle would be remains to be seen. But it certainly looks like it could pack a punch with the right engine and power source. Via

2. Honda EV-Cub

The Honda Cub ranks high on this list for being a futuristic motorcycle that looks plausible and like something we may actually see in the future. Designed by Sam Jilbert, the Honda Cub is a somewhat unconventional motorcycle concept that would be powered by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell. It is also designed to be functional and palatable to a large swath of society – kind of like a motorcycle for the everyman. This design got rave reviews in Japan, suggesting that the Honda Cub would be a huge hit in Asia markets should it ever go into production. Our only question is: What is with the giant hole in the center. Seems like a waste of space to us. Still, pretty cool. Via

1. Hornet Superbike

It does not get any more futuristic than a motorcycle that is essentially reduced to one giant wheel. And that is what you get with the Hornet Superbike concept. Called a gyro bike by its designer, the Hornet Superbike is another futuristic one-wheeled motorcycle concept. It would have the ability to zoom around at the speed of a typical motorcycle, but would be powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell six-phase Neodymium-Iron electric motor. This, apparently, would allow the one wheeled motorcycle to attain conventional speeds and function like most regular motorbikes. The rider would just have to get used to, essentially, driving a unicycle. A unicycle that kicks ass, of course. Via
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