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Summer is the season of the road trip, and there’s nothing better than hitting the highway on your motorcycle. As the weather heats up you can hear the open road calling. And taking a motorcycle on an extended ride through an exotic, foreign location is always fun – especially when taken with family and friends. As the classic rock band Steppenwolf sang: “Get your motor humming. Head out on the highway.” Here are 10 awesome places around the world to take a motorcycle trip this summer:

10. The Scottish Highlands

Wet and gloomy for much of the year, the Scottish Highlands come to life in the summer months. The mountain peaks, winding roads and bright green scenery leave visitors breathless. Populated with plenty of lookout points, quaint towns that have names such as “Applecross” and “Glencoe,” and lots of pubs and inns, the Scottish Highlands are perfect for traveling through on a motorcycle. The people have a reputation for being exceptionally friendly to strangers and visitors, and you can stop and buy hand knit woolen items, kilts and bagpipes along the way. And what could be better than enjoying some traditional Scottish Haggis (a pudding composed of the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep) on the patio of a pub, watching the sunset after a spectacular day riding through the mountain countryside?×1066/ Via

9. California’s Pacific Coast Highway

State Route #1, known as the Pacific Coast Highway, spans most of the California coastline. Designated an “All American Route,” the Pacific Coast Highway provides spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, cool breezes wafting from the sea, and has many towns and attractions along it for motorcyclists to stop and enjoy. These include Montecito, Big Sur, Pismo Beach, Sausalito and even Santa Barbara (where there is great golfing). While meandering along the highway, people can also stop and visit old hippie colonies, take in gorgeous sunsets and enjoy world class food and the very best California wines at restaurants and bars that are spotted along the Pacific Coast Highway. The sunsets over the ocean in California during the summer are among the best in the world.

8. The Black Hills – South Dakota

The Needles Highway snakes through the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota and the entire ride feels like it was created specifically to be enjoyed on two wheels. In fact, there is an annual motorcycle rally through the area each August called the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that attracts bike enthusiasts from around the globe. One trip through the Black Hills and people can understand why. The scenery is magnificent. This is, after all, Mount Rushmore country. And the Needles Highway passes through not one but two superb tunnels that have been blasted through sheer granite walls – Iron Creek Tunnel and Needles Eye Tunnel. Many people say the trip through the tunnels alone makes this a worthwhile experience. There is also amazing wildlife in the area, notably bison, deer and antelope. A trip that is definitely worth taking. Via

7. The Cabot Trail – Canada

The Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada is like North America’s answer to the Scottish Highlands. Closer than Europe (and cheaper), the Cabot Trail is a coastal highway that winds beside the Atlantic Ocean and takes three-to-five days to traverse. Along the way, people can enjoy some traditional Celtic hospitality and culture, including Irish music, outdoor festivals and other events. There are also popular “kitchen parties” held along the Cabot Trail where people can literally find themselves in someone else’s house enjoying a beer and impromptu music concert. Cape Breton also has some of the best seafood in the world and wonderful restaurants. Keep in mind that many people recommend traveling the Cabot Trail in autumn when the leaves are in full color, as they say that is when the scenery is at its zenith. Via

6. Australian Outback

The Australian Outback is not for the faint of heart. But if you’ve got a taste for adventure, then a motorcycle trip through this part of the world can be pretty amazing. It is a dessert and features scorching temperatures in the summer time. However, the fact that Australia is below the Equator means that the country’s winter time is summer time in North America. And Australia winters are quite mild and comfortable compared to winters in the U.S. and Canada. A trip through the Outback during a cooler winter means traveling terrain you’ll likely never see anywhere else in the world. Plus, you’ll see wildlife that is only native to Australia such as kangaroos and koala bears. And the indigenous aboriginals are also a sight to behold. The country is rough and inhospitable. This is, after all, Mad Max country. But if you’re willing to brave it, then the Australian Outback could be a once in a lifetime experience. Via Wikipedia

5. Tail of the Dragon – North Carolina and Tennessee

U.S. Highways 129 and 318 that flow through North Carolina and Tennessee are collectively known to motorists as the “Tail of the Dragon.” This route is so popular and famous that it has been the subject of several movies and TV shows, not to mention a few songs. Spanning a short 11 miles, the Tail of the Dragon is so well known and popular because of its tight curves, swift dips and steep drops that make it a truly exhilarating ride. Many people refer to the Tail of the Dragon as a rollercoaster ride for bikers. The stretch of road spans “Deal’s Gap” at the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. And touring enthusiasts and sport bike riders love this stretch of highway as it allows them to perfect their cornering skills. And, making the Tail of the Dragon even more special, no trucks are allowed on the road. It’s a “truck free zone,” which certainly makes motorcycling on it safer. Via Wikipedia

4. The Marrakesh Loop – Morocco

The Marrakesh Loop spans 1,600 miles between the towns of Ceuta and Marrakesh in Morocco. Along the way, motorcyclists travel through an exotic and old world realm of ancient Kasbahs (citadels), Souks (bazaars) and desert communities. Bikers also travel through the scenic Rif Mountains to Fez, then traverse the snow capped Atlas Mountains before reaching the infamous Sahara Dessert. Not to worry though. Bikers only skirt the edge of the Sahara Dessert before arriving at the imperial city of Marrakesh, which lies a short distance from the Atlantic Ocean. In another two days, bikers can be gambling in Casablanca, before traveling a final 200 miles to Tangiers and then back to Ceuta where their journey began. All-in-all, a fun and exotic motorcycle trip for people to take. Great for any level of rider. Via

3. Beartooth Highway – Montana and Wyoming

The Beartooth Highway is a 68 mile stretch along U.S. Highway 212 that many bikers claim is the very best roadway for motorcycling in America. The Beartooth Highway features dozens of hairpin turns and switchbacks, as well as many peaks and valleys, and some spectacular views and vistas. Starting at Red Lodge in Montana, the National Scenic Byway is a roller-coaster ride as it travels up through Beartooth Pass at an elevation of 10,947 feet. Passing into Wyoming, the road then zigzags as it knifes across the Custer and Shoshone National Forests and then climbs above the tree line and into glacial tundra. People are left breathless by the high alpine meadows, glaciers and snow capped mountains. Traveling southwest, the route ends at Cooke City, the northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Keep in mind that Beartooth Highway is typically closed by October until May due to heavy snowfall. This is definitely a summer outing. Via

2. The Pyrenees Loop – France and Spain

Covering 1,500 miles from Bilbao, Spain to Biarritz, France, the Pyrenees Loop attracts motorcyclists from around the world each summer who flock to the legendary stretch of highway to see sensational scenery and experience the mind-bending hairpin turns that this route has to offer. Leaving from Bilbao, bikers spin East on Highway N260, which is a legendary biking road that travels deep into the Pyrenees Mountains. The road takes people to the community of La Seu d’Urgell, then north to Andorra before dropping back to Spain at Bourg-Madame for 30 miles of coiling road that eventually reaches Ripoli. Along the journey, people can stop at the Salvador Dalí Museum and hit cafes, restaurants and bed and breakfasts along the Mediterranean coast of France. Not surprising that many people consider this the ultimate European vacation. Via

1. Peak-to-Peak Highway – Colorado

Although it is only 60 miles long, many motorcyclists consider Colorado’s Peak-to-Peak Highway to be the nirvana of bike routes. The absolute best of the best. That is because the Peak-to-Peak Highway combines sensational twists and turns with some of the very best scenery in the entire world. This highway does, after all, travel through the Rocky Mountains, and the views it provides are mind melting. Bikers traverse the Continental Divide through the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park. The road then takes bikers through glacier cut valleys and switchbacks up through thick forests to reach alpine meadows. Bears, deer, moose and elk abound. The Peak-to-Peak Highway then winds through Clear Lake Canyon Park to Highway 119, which extends north along Highways 72 and 7 before dropping down into Estes Park. Bikers who take this ride are advised to bring a pair of hiking boots and take frequent breaks to walk scenic trails, or camp for the night. Also advisable to bring a camera with you. You’ll want to capture every moment of this trip and share them with family and friends. Via
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