It all started in 2008 when the Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl included Sonic the Hedgehog as a playable character. This roster addition came as a surprise to many, as Sonic is not the property of Nintendo; he belongs to Sega. Sonic’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl set a precedent that any worthy third-party character could star in the popular mascot fighting series. Since then, a few third-party characters have followed suit including Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife and Street Fighter’s Ryu joining the roster for the Wii U edition of Smash Bros. Although Nintendo has added a number of strong additions to the Smash Bros. roster, there remain several characters in video game lore that deserve the Super Smash Bros. treatment, with the following being the 10 most viable future additions.

10. Simon Belmont – Castlevania Series

Simon Belmont is the protagonist of Castlevania, Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest and Super Castlevania 4. All three titles are exclusive to Nintendo consoles and they are all considered masterpieces in the Nintendo family. In a way, this makes Simon Belmont video game royalty. With Super Smash Bros. using Duck Hunt as a recent source for characters, surely the beloved hero of these NES and Super Nintendo classics requires a roster spot in Smash Bros. Simon wields his trademark whip, which would be an interesting long-range addition to the fold. Aside from his whip, Simon has an assortment of oddities he can use for attacks such as throwing knives, crosses, and axes. With Konami having already allowed Metal Gear Solid’s Snake to appear in Super Smash Bros, Simon Belmont presents a logical next choice and offers a character with the potential to be one of the best fighters in the game. Source: Castlevania Wiki
Source: Castlevania Wiki

9. Professor Layton – Professor Layton Series

Far too few people have played the wonderful Professor Layton puzzle games. The original trilogy which appeared on the Nintendo DS beautifully combined puzzles and exploration in an addictive way. The prequel trilogy began on the DS, but episodes 2 and 3 moved to the Nintendo 3DS, a confusing move for fans as the numbered series was broken up between generations. This has caused many gamers to miss the adventures of the well-mannered archaeologist known as Professor Hershel Layton. Layton’s appearance in Smash Bros could reignite enthusiasm for the character’s outstanding games and in an ideal world, would give Nintendo a built-in excuse to port all six games as an enhanced collection on the Nintendo NX (Nintendo can have that idea free of charge). Having the option to play these brain-teasers on a home console would be icing on the cake of having Layton be a playable Smash Bros. character. Source:

8. Crono – Chrono Trigger

The sword-wielding hero from one of the best games ever made doesn’t require much of an introduction in order to receive the endorsement of Nintendo fans. Chrono Trigger is so beloved that to this day it’s in the conversation for best turn-based roleplaying game of all-time. With the inclusion of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, it’s seeing another Squaresoft character make an appearance in Smash Bros. isn’t far outside the realm of possibility. Chrono Trigger is a cherished Super Nintendo classic and has more ties to Nintendo than Final Fantasy VII currently does. While the episodic blockbuster Final Fantasy VII now appears likely to eventually release on Nintendo’s upcoming NX console, Crono is closely associated with Nintendo and an appearance in Smash Bros. may even lead to an upgraded Chrono Trigger remake (hey, one can dream). Regardless, Crono is more cherished by the Nintendo fan base than Cloud. Crono fits right in with the Smash Bros. cast by having a combination of sword and lightning attacks. Crono himself may not be the most interesting character on his own but the legacy of his game has arguably earned him a spot in Smash Bros. Source:

7. Phoenix Wright – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Series

Aside from Professor Layton, Nintendo’s other main portable gaming icon is Phoenix Wright. Phoenix Wright stars in the Ace Attorney series, which began on the Game Boy Advance in 2001 but were not made available in North America until 2005 when they were ported to the Nintendo DS. The series has since moved to the Nintendo 3DS and is selling well, but Phoenix Wright’s widespread appeal remains rather limited. Many gamers who have not recently followed portable handhelds may have missed this series; therefore, Phoenix Wright’s inclusion on the roster of Smash Bros. would go a long way toward broadening his popularity. As a character, Phoenix Wright would be fast with high maneuverability in terms of running and jumping. One of his attacks could even be to swing his suitcase. Phoenix Wright has close ties to Nintendo and it’s surprising he hasn’t already been included in the roster for Super Smash Bros. Source: Polygon
Source: Polygon

6. Ridley – Metroid Series

The Space Pirate Ridley is the archenemy of Samus Aran. He is the villain in the original NES Metroid and has appeared in nearly every Metroid title since that point. This skeletal dragon would add another much-needed flying character to further balance out the roster in Super Smash Bros. Ridley’s attacks are ready to translate to the game, as he can breathe fire while he flies and also has very sharp claws for close quarters combat. Surely, Ridley would be more interesting than yet another clone that controls similarly to a pre-existing character. Ridley is very different and would rival Bowser for the largest character in the roster. If it was possible to balance Ridley into the gameplay, then he is a necessity for the franchise to adopt going forward. After all, the Metroid series currently only has one character on the roster. As one of the most beloved and critically-acclaimed video game series of all-time, this is a travesty. The first step toward remedying this oversight is by including Ridley in the roster. Source: IGN
Source: IGN

5. Rayman – Rayman Series

Rayman has been responsible for some of the best-produced games over several decades of gaming. 1999’s Rayman 2: The Great Escape was an underappreciated gem upon release, but fortunately was continuously ported to multiple consoles, which secured its reputation as an undisputed classic. Rayman’s legacy continues to endure to this day, as the most recent entry, 2013’s Rayman Legends, is arguably one of the best platforming games ever created (and one of the best cooperative experiences around). During the 90s, it would have seemed impossible to think that Rayman, initially viewed as “yet another Mario-impersonator,” would go on to have a platforming legacy almost as strong as Mario’s. Sonic is no longer Mario’s main competition and in many ways, the only platform title that consistently competes with the quality of the Mario brand is Rayman. Rayman has appeared on Nintendo consoles throughout the duration of the series, so he deserves a spot on the roster of Super Smash Bros. Source: Kotaku
Source: Kotaku

4. Paper Mario – Paper Mario Series

Paper Mario would fit in wonderfully alongside the likes of Mr. Game and Watch as another two-dimensional character for the Smash Bros. roster. His special moves could be related to a timed button push, which would create a fun mini-game as players need to time their inputs. Beyond that, Paper Mario would have a hammer as a weapon to center his moves around. The hammer would likely be used as a prime tool for smash attacks. It certainly feels like Paper Mario as a character would play closely to how he’s depicted in his source material. The popularity of Smash Bros. could be quite beneficial in regaining some popularity for the underrated Paper Mario series. Gamers enthralled by the moves of Paper Mario in Smash could potentially go on to discover one of the best series in video game history if they begin playing through the role-playing games of the character’s source material. Source: Fantendo Wiki
Source: Fantendo Wiki

 3. Viewtiful Joe – Viewtiful Joe Series

As a potential Smash Bros. character type, Viewtiful Joe is very appealing, as he is capable of manipulating time and space. During the self-titled games which appeared on the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo GameCube,  Viewtiful Joe had three techniques where he was able to control time. Joe’s most-used skill was the ability to slow down time. This move affected everyone, meaning the character Joe as well as all of his opponents would end up moving slower. Another one of Joe’s techniques was Mach Speed, which made him move insanely fast. For Super Smash Bros, this would be a perfect technique that could lead to Viewtiful Joe unleashing a flurry of attacks. Joe’s final available technique is called Zoom, an effective offensive strike. Zoom stuns all enemies on screen and Joe’s attacks become more powerful. A kick can turn into a spin kick, a punch into a mega punch, and so forth. Viewtiful Joe needs to make an appearance in Smash Bros, as his games are amazing and should be cherished, and the character would fit like a glove in the Smash roster. Source:

2. Bomberman – Bomberman Series

It’s been a decade since Bomberman had a memorable original game but as a piece of fan service alone, Bomberman deserves entry into Super Smash Bros. Bomberman was a Nintendo staple throughout the 8 and 16-bit eras. 1989’s Bomberman for the Nintendo Entertainment System was a revelation and the Super Bomberman series exclusive to the Super Nintendo really cemented the system as a “party console” compared to the Sega Genesis. During the following generation, Bomberman branched out to multiple consoles appearing on the Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, and Sony PlayStation. From that point onward, Bomberman would always appear on multiple consoles. However, it was the Nintendo exclusive Super Bomberman that won the hearts of the public and differentiated the Super Nintendo from the Sega Genesis. Taking into account that Bomberman’s ready-made moveset would make him a very easy character to implement into Smash Bros., he should at the top of Nintendo’s list when it comes to future additions to the Smash roster. Source:

1. Geno – Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG on the Super Nintendo introduced two new party members to the Mario universe and Geno is the one who stole the show. Geno is a warrior from Star Road that allies himself with Mario and company and proves to be a true hero. Geno’s true form is unknown; the body he represents throughout his journey is simply a possessed doll. Adding to Geno’s legacy, his true name is given as an unpronounceable series of characters (♥♪!?) so he requests the name Geno. Geno is absolutely hilarious and is one of the most iconic characters in the official Mario universe that has yet to appear in Smash Bros. In fact, Geno has been requested by fans for a very long time, but there have been questions regarding whether Geno remained intellectual property of Nintendo or if he is officially a Squaresoft character. This questioning is no longer necessary as Squaresoft gave permission to put Cloud Strife in Smash Bros. and that character has yet to even appear on a Nintendo console. Geno and his rocket arms deserve inclusion today. Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube